Sunday, December 6, 2009

Riding.Millcreek-North pole

oh evil ice , your slippery ways anger me

My ride ended around two hours ago and after a hot shower I am sitting here patiently waiting for my testacles to make an appearence again . I never checked the temperature this morning and by the time I suited up and went outside to start the truck I realized it was pretty miserable out there , I just about threw in the towel and stayed home but decided to go anyways cause well , why not . It beats sitting around watching t.v . Plus I used to ride in this extreme cold way back in the day.

I find it funny how the city clears all the main trails in the river valley before all the residential streets are cleared after a big snowdump , oh well better fo...........Oh hey dropped ! Now I`ll just wait for the other little guy . Where was I ?................... Nevermind.

Nevertheless , riding in this weather aint all that great but hey Its still riding isn`t it ? I am going to start focusing on overtime projects at work because I have lots of upgrades planned for the mojo for next season so riding will more less be taking a backseat for now .

one of my favourite little spots in millcreek which
will have to sadly wait till next april..........sigh
I think I prefer it when theres nobody here in
the hot July heat .......this sucks

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