Monday, January 4, 2010


I never liked the start of a new year , mainly because it is one of the worst months in the year . Every twelve months this long cold gay month rolls around . Looking outside right now there is nothing but a cold dark depressing wasteland out there . Nobody`s outside , there all hiding behind there televisions like I am hiding behind a computer . Looking online at bike parts and daydreaming of stuff I plan on getting for next seasons Moots and Ibis excursions . I keep glancing over to my left and wonder if my two little hotties are laughing at my fatass typing away on a lame computer (should I just be playing warcraft ?) Maybe I should stop bitching and just go out and ride , but I have to admit getting out this time of year takes some serious motivation . Motivation like I have tonight . Oh wait ............................Industry 9 wheels for the mojo next season ? Maybe I should stay late and work .

I think they know I`m typing about them.......... shhhhhhhhh

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