Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding . Millcreek- Capilano

So I popped the new years bike riding cherry with my first bike ride of the year after way too long of a hiatus (stupid work). Oh yes , it was good ...............very good ! The trails were in perfect condition today as I thought heading out things might be a tad slushy and icy with all the warm weather .

The valley was busy but not too bad today and I saw another mountain biker out climbing hills . There were the usual pot smokers , old lady dog walkers , old man dog walkers , family dog walkers , and the odd guy or girl running with a dog (I think maybe I`ll take ours down there one day)

a sign of the times for two ten

One thing I got to observe was the closure of Dawson bridge , they are going to have it closed until December ......................December , that`s crazy ! This bridge is something I use on my rides quite regularly . I couldn`t imagine the pain in the ass for the people who really need it .

One last thing , I started another blog to keep track of my mileage and climbing for this year . It is very boring (like this site) and it`s just for me so I can keep track of this years riding . The link is the top one in on the lonebiker links .

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