Friday, February 5, 2010

Beer Friday . Fullers Organic Honey Dew

Ahhhhh , the weekend is here ! I'm feeling a sore throat coming on so this review is may not be up to it`s full potential . What`s worse , this may throw off my "weekend warrior" abilities for this weekends bike rides ..................Doh !

Fullers beer comes from London England . Home of Soccer , the Queen , and of course The Sex Pistols . This brew is organic and made with honey , thus giving it that special honey taste (imagine that) Yet again another brewery that was around before Hitler . This one was founded in 1845 before Hitlers Dad (imagine being the Father of that guy ..........sheesh)

As far as the tasting goes it seems quite good and delivered what it was supposed to , but to be fair I don`t want to get in depth as my taste buds are currently ruined from the coming on of a sore throat . How gay is that ?

This beer gets 3.6 suds out of 5 (I think)

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