Friday, February 26, 2010

Beer Friday . Stella Artois

In a way to be completely unpatriotic on a night where hockey is god , I thought I would review a beer not from Canada . Instead I reviewed a beer from Belgium . A very popular beer I might add from which I have sampled a few times (this goes great with ribs) . The tax records show that this brew was started in 1366 ....................Holy Shit ! That`s older than lot`s of countries ! (including our beloved Canada) . Stella is brewed all over the world but their home brewery is in Leuven where I`m sure some kickass raves have taken place , Yeahh baby !

For being such a mainstream brew it is quite good , as I said before I thoroughly enjoy it on a Friday or Saturday night when I`m out for dinner making my fat ass larger with ribs . The taste is quite pleasant , it goes down smooth but does have a slightly bitter aftertaste . All in all I like this stuff ! If you haven`t tried it , go out and buy some (and some ribs). The only drawback is the price . It is higher than most other beers (domestic & imported) which may draw douchy losers who exclusively drink this stuff at the bars to try to impress people .........Beware !

I give this beer 4.2 suds out of 5 (happy Sheri ?..........huh)

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