Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding . Millcreek-Beverly/Capilano

on the way back home.............I took a picture

First ride on the upgraded Stumpy and I cannot believe the difference in the brakes ! To think I wasn`t going to put them on there . That makes me excited for the Hope brakes I`m waiting for the Mojo . Talked to the guys at the shop and my wheels have been shipped from Carolina , so in a couple of weeks the Mojo will get sexed up nicely !

Didn`t feel like sticking around and climbing hills all day so I rode the North side of the river to Beverly crossed into Capilano and took the snowy side of the river home . I saw some guys riding some pretty nice bikes out there today and I cringed when I thought about all the wet sand and gravel going into their expensive drivetrains , but then realized that they are riding mountain bikes and I can be somewhat of a narcissistic douche pouch at times ........he he he

As I said before , the bike feels great with the brakes and nicer wheels . It is going to make me think twice about selling it soon .....But yet Blizzard ......Blizzard ! I`ve always wanted a Blizzard ! Anyone want to buy a Stumpjumper ?

the bridge that flung me across the river for my return in the snow

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