Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Riding. Terwilliger

After a rather scary car ride down the Henday in the heavy wind with my "precious" up on top of the car shacking in the wind I arrived in trendy Terwilliger park for a little after work stress relief . I really do think I need a different mount for that bike ! Or maybe I`m just paranoid .

The ride was pretty good ........Well , alot better once I climbed up into the hills and away from the dogs . It is nice too see all the trails are pretty much dry . I didn`t bother heading up to Fireman`s hill (the best part of Terwig.) as I knew I wouldn`t hold lines too well as I was way too tired from lack of sleep and too many hours at the shop .

Leaving tonight I was reminded why I don`t come here much anymore as the parking lot had it`s usual share of "Pinkbikers" donning full face helmets , elbow pads , shin pads and 8" travel downhill bikes .........All for Terwilliger ! ....... I don`t get people. Mind you , it looked like they were never going to leave the parking lot .

lets slow clap the city for turning this once amazing downhill
into paved bullshit .......way to go guys ! A downhill you would
have needed a full face helmet for .........ha ha ha ha ha

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