Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight`s ride is brought to you by Stan`s No Tube tire Sealant

a shot of the magical tire sealant that keeps my bikes rolling

After a little bit of a lull between getting the tires and getting them set up for tubeless it finally happened today . I took some time off work and visited the fine folks at Hardcore bikes where they got it all set up for me . Yes I am going "ghetto" on the tubeless setup because I am one badass mofo . To tell you how badass I am I even used their sealant even though I have this giant bottle at home .......Ha Ha Ha . Mind you , I did forget it at home and know with the money I spent there in the last two years they probably built a top secret day spa for the mechanics in the basement .

I had to stop and take a picture cause it was too damn nice

Taking the bike back to my shop I had to keep running into the tool room (aka "Ken`s bike parking spot") to keep filling the tires up as they were leaking . Once on the bike they sealed beautifully and I had me one hell of a fun ride on one hell of a fun bike .

oh dear God ! I hope that`s just Stan`s fluid leaking out !

a map from Garmin of tonight`s ride , pretty cool stuff this gps thing

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