Saturday, June 5, 2010

Were Back ! Now with 98% less riding content ....

the allergy fairy , not as cute as it looks ...
this summbich is a real bastard !

Ahhhh , the smell of the lonebiker office , oh how I missed that ! After an exciting week of frolicking on the beach , it`s good to be back ! The beer review team is fresh , and so are the talented ex much music , wedge v.j`s who help run music Monday . The week was spent in California hanging out with cool Hollywood people who are truly better than you and I (at least that`s what US magazine is telling me)

Now that were back and sadly smitten hard by the allergy fairy ......That mean little bitch wound up and smacked me with all it`s might leaving me a sad,sad,sad little man , who hasn`t been riding .......only working (the folks at Ibis must be truly upset with me) I hope to start getting some rides in as this is starting to get real old real fast . Maybe tomorrow , I just crossed my fingers ......

instead of riding some fine bicycles , the once famous
"lonebiker" has resorted to playing with apps on
his Ipod........oh how incredibly freakin sad !

Happy Monday