Friday, July 23, 2010

Beer Friday . Bud Light Lime

What tastes great after working in the yard all day ? Beer ! What tastes great after riding all day ? Beer ! What tastes great after working all day ? Beer ! What tastes great after a fine day of snowshoeing ? You guessed it ......Beer ! We can probably go on all day here , so I`ll just stop now . I was working in the yard all day as my bikes lay comatose and silent in my den downstairs .......Oh how pathetic , so it`s time to try filling the void with a beer review .

Introducing Bud Light Lime , Budweiser`s answer to taking the manliness out of beer . Introduced in mid 2008 it was impossible to find in stores as the demand far outweighed the production . Yes I will admit I was intrigued and did try some last summer and thought it was good . I will admit , I don`t like it when breweries do weird shit to their beer . This isn`t all that bad as people have been adding lime to their beer for a while now , and Budweiser is saving the consumers all that hard work , and expecting nothing in return ! Isn`t that fabulous of them !

No pour here , and the aroma was , wait a minute .........Lime ! The taste was , wait a minute .......It tastes like lime ! I will admit , I don`t mind the taste . In fact I like it ! It is definitely different . if your after beer that tastes like beer then stay the hell away ! I think any idiot would know what they are getting into once they saw the box. This stuff is good for working in the backyard , or hanging around the beach on a nice hot day . I`m now three quarters done with the bottle and cannot get how this came from beer . It tastes like something you would get in a 7 eleven slushie fountain .

This beer (is it beer ?) gets 3.7 suds out of 5

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