Sunday, July 25, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Capilano

a rare two ten visit to ewok
When one forgets his camera on a rare trip to the mountains and cannot post pictures of his "trip" on his cheesy internet biking diary . What does he do the next day ? ..........He goes for a bike ride of course !

A trip through the river valley was all I needed as not only was I bummed about forgetting the camera . I had coming home to Edmonton (area) blues ...... Once in the river valley one can realize that life here is not all that bad . Especially when most of the trails have somewhat dried out and you realize how good they really are . I giggled non stop as I sailed through Ewok Forest .

sadly , some of the short singletrack trails may be done for a while
Once back at the car , feeling better about where I am . I started thinking about the glorious mountains again and with an act of rage , violently ran the truck off a 1300 ft cliff (I jumped out of course), watched the Dodge crash and explode into a fiery spectacle , I then lit up a malbaro and said to myself  "I gotta do this Jasper thing again soon".......

when people want to act like sardines , they come here....

Fort Icekatchewan

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