Friday, August 20, 2010

Beer Friday . Sleeman Original Draught

warning ! you may be arrested in certain states if caught looking at this picture

The year was 1988 when Sleeman was started up again in Guelph Ontario , originally Sleeman was started in 1834 but had to cease operations in the dirty thirties due to bootlegging into the U.S while they were riding the prohibition train........Oh the humanity ! Sleeman is now the third largest brewery in Canada behind Molson and Mountain Crest .......Ha ! Just wanted to see if your paying attention ! They were bought out by delicious Sapporo beer in 2006 for lot`s of money . I`m guessing trillions and trillions .

Sleeman Original Draught is their traditional draught beer . I poured it into a tall pint and watched the large head slowly dissolve as I made my coffee for tomorrow morning . The beer had a nice golden look to it as any fine traditional beer should . I would be nuts to think this is a bad beer to drink on a super hot day after doing yard work all day , you know . Ice cold with moisture running down the sides hmmmmmm . What can I say ! This beer got me daydreaming . Absolutely nothing wrong with it !

This beer get`s 4.5 suds out of 5

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