Saturday, September 11, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek - Downtown

When the highlight of your bike ride is seeing the Gibson tour bus and you don`t really like guitars then brother , you had a lame bike ride ! I knew it was doomed from the beginning . A real late start , insufficient pre ride snacking , and not a real strong desire to go out riding with all the wet weather we keep having .

I ended up downtown riding down the semi busy streets , saw a rare tour bus and then headed back down to the valley for some good old fashioned hill climbing .

The highlights of today .
                                         > The Gibson tour bus (I blame my late brother`s influence for that one)
                                         >The over excited dude at a Christian rock concert (you had to see this guy)
                                         > Having lot`s of power on those Forest Heights climbs
                                         > Being happy I rode after not feeling like not going

The lowlights of today       >Having to wait for all the wedding parties to get out of my way (I counted 3)
                                        > Not riding as far as I planned on during the week

they would spread themselves out like ants ......stupid happy wedding people

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