Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Well that was a load of ass ........

the trails to the left screamed my name .......but I declined

 Asphalt that is . On a night that just about was cancelled due to the weather and other circumstances , the ride turned out to be pretty darn good . I stuck to the asphalt and flew through the valley (man you can really cover alot of ground when not on trails !)

o.k , i lied , I hit a little bit of dirt
If I had to rate this out of ten for a pavement ride it would get an 11 cause it was just that good .  Should a road bike be getting a long hard look at this winter ? Hmmmmmm .....Wait a minute ! I have a Rocky Mountain Altitude that needs serious rebuilding !

I also rode on some wood .......oh no , that sounded gay didn`t it ?

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