Sunday, October 3, 2010

Through Golden Covered forests

When your football team stinks it up to high heaven the best way to get that funk off is a good ride . Mind you , I would have gone anyways . A trip to Fort Saskatchewan on a great Sunday afternoon was a perfect way to end a weekend .

The leaves have just about all blown off the trees and I had the pleasure of riding through them . Fall riding is the best time of year to ride . I have said it before , and I will say it again over and over . There were lot`s of people on the trail today , from clueless dog walkers to families out walking with young kids scaling the many log crossings that litter this great trail . It was the first ride here in a long time and all the new bridge work is done , with more in the works .......... We have to bring these guys to Edmonton !
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gettin it`s feet wet

Fort Icekatchewan

 Some sketchy moments today as it seemed to be a bit icy and then it transitioned to super sketchy icy as I started in Turner park and made ...