Sunday, December 26, 2010

Riding . Boxing day lite

If bike rides were like beer this one would be considered light beer ..... very light beer . A persistent cold followed by a hacking cough has kept me at bay for most of the last two weeks . I have a tradition of riding on boxing day and I aint gonna let some cold ruin it for me this year .

I took it slow and easy and avoided all the hills I could possibly avoid on my 11 km ride . The usual boxing day people were there . The ones who obviously never step foot in the outdoors and decide to spend some time for a walk in the valley during the holidays, they always look shocked and confused as to why people would ride a bike in the winter , one high maintenance mall girl even exclaimed to her family "whaat ? who rides a bike in the cold and snow ?" ...... "I do , and there are lots of us fuck off and quit standing in the middle of the trail so I can get by...." I felt like saying . But no , I just nod and rode by . I wouldn`t want to have that families view on mountain bikers tainted now would I ? It was cool to see people outside enjoying the valley instead of being cooped up in a mall anyways ....Very cool .

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