Friday, January 28, 2011

Beer Friday . Olympia

It says Beer Friday , but I am writing this on a Monday.... Do not be alarmed ! This is the end of my work week thus.....

For posting purposes only. This will be posted on the "lonebiker"site on the actual Friday of this week (hopefully not to mess with peoples mojo). For now and in the coming weeks I will post up in the beer archives like I am now, and then on the main site on the Friday or Saturday. Judging from the traffic comparisons not too many will see this till Friday .

Blah Blah Blah ....On to the beer now . Olympia beer was founded in 1896 by a German immigrant in  Washington state , Tumwater to be exact . Good old prohibition closed it`s doors in 1916 and the brewery gloriously reopened in 1934 . The best thing that sets this one apart from the rest is the Artesian spring stream in Tumwater where the water is claimed to be the best for brewing beer . Thus on the side of the can the "it`s the water" slogan proudly stands . I got goosebumps just typing that .

I poured one into my new trusty Hardcore bikes beer stein and paid no attention to the head and what it did ..... I mean who cares really . The color . Absoloute beer awesomeness ! A perfect golden beer color greeted me with a perfect golden beer color look . Only a real schmuck of a beer reviewer would be impressed with the marvelous color of this Washington state brew and that`s what I am ! Maybe it`s the reflection of the candles, or the Enya playing through my computer but that color got me . The taste was real good (are you surprised ? think of the color ) It was like Bud or Molson but with ten times the flavor. The water in Tumwater must be truly magical indeed, and I bet the color of the water is magical too ....

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

Happy Saturday