Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting my feet wet in photoshop, and the fun of a new computer

I have recently acquired photoshop and a mac computer and have been playing with some older pictures (a couple that have been posted on here earlier) and decided.... what the hell ! I`m going to post them up . I bought a mac due to peer pressure from friends and coworkers who have been hounding me nonstop as to how easy they are to use .

Literally within 8 minutes of bringing it home and taking it out of the box I was on the internet and my very hard to impress gene was utterly impressed ! Within one hour of using the computer and trying to retrieve my itunes songs and my thousands of pictures which were carried over from my pc, I had wanted to take my new trendy mac computer and drag it behind my Jeep down Anthony Henday. Black was now white , up was now down, and control, alt, delete (my favorite part of a pc) was now history! It`s been a week now and I think the new computer may be a keeper . Slowly, I will learn more about this thing. If i don`t kill it first....

Bring on photoshop, a program I have wanted for some time now. With all the picture taking while riding, and my ventures out with the camera I don`t know why it took me so long to get this hyped up program. So far it`s been frustrating (I`m blaming the mac) but I am getting the hang of the simple features.

The picture below was taken in the fall, and has been a favourite of mine from 2010 (taken near UofA)


And below, after playing with the saturation, and the lighting I was amazed on how much more rich the colors had become. A dull fall day looks much more alive now (and yes, a little fake).... Still very cool !


A shot from the farm taken in the fall of 09


With a feature that can make the sky bluer, and more lighting effects, this now looks like a bit more like a painting.


Bring on Gord, the man behind Rides, Reviews, Races and Random Thoughts and the apparent face of the lone biker on On a ride a few days before the snow fell in November in the Terwilliger park area. I had done some very cool things with this photo but my mac won`t let me take it out of photoshop....


This "toned down" version took only 5 minutes, but I think it turned out pretty cool still. I find the forest looks more eerie then the usual Fall forest creepiness that you get when whizzing through the open trees.


taken from the mac`s onboard camera, after several unsuccessful attempts to
pull large files off of finished photoshop work. I decided to let Steve Jobs and
the rest of Apple "have it" ....

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