Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fort Edmonton bridge

the new bridge in all it`s infinite glory

looking east towards the Jewish Community Center

When I was putting the bike into the back of the Jeep I couldn`t help but smirk as this was the first day off for me. I had planned on going riding after work on Sunday but it was just too damn cold, yes. I could have sucked it up and gone but the battle of warm comfortable home vs a very cold icy river valley was somewhat of a no brainer.

I finally got to ride across the new bridge connecting Fort Edmonton to Patricia Ravine and Wolf willow. It was opened in November and I had mentioned on here I would check it out, sadly three months later I finally spun across the new suspension bridge.

The houses down by the new bridge have always had my interest as the tiny little neighbourhood seemed quite exclusive . I remember reading on the Edmonton Journal that the homeowners were quite upset about the new bridge and I saw today they had good reason. What once was a nice secluded, private back yard, is now open to lot`s of creepy (including myself) river valley users who will peer into the backyards and back windows of these beautiful homes. I wondered if the city somehow compensated for the "intrusion" but obviously highly doubted it.

by Patricia, one baddass set of stairs....
the unnamed new bridge coming in from Wolf Willow

edit...It appears I never got a good shot of the bridge, my apologies boys and girls

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