Saturday, April 30, 2011

Can we call it open?

armed with a spring beard, the dirt felt great under the knobbies

 A planned trip from Science park to parts unknown turned into just a Science park ride. Thanks to some snow killing rain, and some heavy spring Albertan wind, it looks like we may have an official opening to the dirt side of the riding season. I could not leave the Science park as most of the trails were relatively dry prompting some singletrack riding that hasn`t happened in just over 6 months. Lordy, lordy, it felt great!

The Science park has never been one of my favourite places to spin the fatties but there was something special about cruising through those trails today. Maybe it was cause it was so long since I had the pleasure of riding on dirt, or am I starting to warm up to those "unflowy trails" that this place is known for.

Is time to break out the Summer bikes? I think so! Sorry Stumpy, you are going to be neglected for a while...

the last of the snow on sunridge ski hill

after some pleading from the bike to go for a ride, I granted it`s wish

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