Saturday, April 9, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-Capilano-Whyte ave

ski season.....kaput

a good example of the current trail conditions

A typical spring ride through the wet, muddy valley. I seem to remember having these rides in mid to late March. Not early April, oh well. On the upside the melt is in full swing and at least the trails arn`t so full of ice and slush, it`s still wet but I can handle it.

The aggravating thing has been the switching of studded tires to regular this week and having the wrong ones on each ride. Thursday and Friday I had the regular tires on for morning rides and all the water on the trails froze over night and was glare ice when I hit it, making it virtually unrideable in large sections. In short. Those rides sucked ass... Today I had switched to my studded tires and everything was melted so I had to listen to them scream in agony as I rode on paved trails and Edmonton streets for 25 Kilometers.

a fine place to stuff your garbage if you are a giant douchebag

Sixtysix point Seventy-Four Kilometres

66.74 kms. Five rides.  Nope. not impressive at all for kms ridden but these would have been at zero with no rides if I was on night shift a...