Friday, May 27, 2011

Beer Friday. Propeller Extra Special Bitter

From the largest microbrewery in Nova Scotia, home of the Bluenose, and the famed Alexander Keith`s brewing company (a lonebiker winner) comes Propeller Extra Special Bitter ale. Bitter brewed beers started in England and were made from malt dried with coke in the late 1600`s. In 1703 the term "pale ale" was introduced. The words "bitter" and "pale ale" mean pretty much the same thing as bitter beers belong in the pale ale crowd, at least thats what my computer tells me. I have had pale ales before and this is nothing like it so therefore I`m a little confused.

As far as the Propeller brewing company goes, they started in 1997 by a man by the name of John Allen. This brewery is only 14 years old! What`s up with that? I have kids older then that...wait a minute. No I don`t, but still these guys are pretty young in a market that seems saturated with old age. Should I just throw this one down the toilet? No? Keep going? Well o.k then...

The pour revealed a dark strong looking ale that seemed angrier than Samuel L Jackson when he was sick and tired of all those snakes on that plane. A smell that took me daydreaming to the country or the dried fruits section in the produce aisle, with fruits and a good presence of malt, I was no longer scared of this beers angry looking presence. The first sip offered me what the label entailed. A tad bitter, or was it? Maybe the label played head games with me, after a few more sips it really grew on me and I was on the Propeller website trying to order T-shirts and thinking of getting it tattooed on my forehead (Oh, admit it! That would be so cool!). The taste was typical of any great craft brewer out there. Each sip, beer ecstasy...

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5

Happy Monday?

A positive covid test may have me off the bike this next set off, damn.