Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riding. Mill Creek-UofA

potty break photo....just kidding 
After a long hot sweaty day at work suffering from allergies and beating off mosquitoes I "manned up" and went for a ride. Knowing I will probably not be able to head out till Sunday again, (thanks work) that long time between rides is good motivation. The other motivation was the incredible weather we are having! Hearing people complain about the heat makes me think of mid January when instead of +29, it`s -29 and blowing snow. I can handle the mosquitoes (yes, they are quite bad right now), I can handle the heat, I can even handle all the confused trail people who never get outside and don`t know what to do when a mountain biker approaches. Sometimes I just can`t handle winter.

The highlights of today`s ride was the obvious, riding in some pretty kickass weather! Well that sums it up. Other then not being able to hold a line on the technicals (while riding a pretty easy bike I might add), riding through overflowing sewer water by Connors, and being annoyed by all the trail runners, and of course the mosquitoes. It was pretty darn good. Pretty darn sweet indeed!

don`t mean to be a bitch but, I really liked riding these roots.....just sayin. please
don`t write me angry letters! what they did is awesome, and we need more...
another summer, and another missing bar end plug on the mojo....sigh

Elk Island Fail Fest

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