Sunday, July 31, 2011

Riding the Science Park to Terwillegar tram...

they were going so fast, they started to disappear
 Well that is a tram that has happened to derail a few times on it's way, in my case anyways. A good long ride with Gord and Jason on a hot humid "Canadian" day. The perfect route to do when in Edmonton. Do the whole thing! Well more less, we missed Mill Creek and all the other "extras" but in today's humidity it was a good long ride.  The trails seemed to have gotten quite a bit better since my bitchfest yesterday making me rethink on how bad it really was. Did I embellish last night? Thinking about it now. Hell No! It was nasty on Saturday.
some of the collapsing happening in ewok forest
29" wheels rollin through...

potty break in the ewok

Sadly I rode pretty much like a chump which seems to go well with the theme of this year. Thinking of excuses for my poor effort which in effect took up alot of my effort, I decided to just keep my mouth shut. Saying "I'm thinking really hard to make up an excuse for my shitty riding, therefore I'm riding like shit" I knew all to well would not make much sense. So I just plugged on.

more 29" wheels showing who's boss...
The man of the day was Gord on his singlespeed. I felt humbled watching him climb ahead of me as I tried to keep pace on my geared cushy carbon dream bike, knowing if I slowed down slightly Jason would be on me, who later easily dropped me in the climbs like I was a bad Martin Lawrence movie. In a way I was humbled today. But hey, I was trying too hard to make excuses for my poor riding.

As more thunderstorms rolled through tonight I can only imagine the trails will be in rougher conditions tomorrow. It was a damn fine weekend of riding despite my bitching of trail conditions and my overall ability to ride a mountain bike. I know I will look back on this next January and shake my head.

a non potty break time below keillor road

Fort Icekatchewan

 Some sketchy moments today as it seemed to be a bit icy and then it transitioned to super sketchy icy as I started in Turner park and made ...