Friday, August 5, 2011

Beer Friday....Whiskey Friday. Tangle Ridge

After a few days of suffering amidst searing neck pain this little nugget fell onto my lap at work. Me not being one to enjoy the fruits of the "hard liquor" fearing I may end up living in a tent in the river valley, and most notably, horrible memories of "that night" at the pub when I  was 19, send shivers down my spine. The very smell of hard liquor  make me wonder how people can drink it. "Sicko's" I always think. Today though, with bad neck pain bugging me for the last three days preventing me from riding and pretty much doing anything except work. I decided to take it home when the offer was there. Inevitably this may be the cure for this gay neck pain. I may wake up naked the next day on the neighbours lawn, but thats o.k. Thats not gay is it?

Tangle Ridge is a fine Canadian whiskey that hails from...... Wait a minute, I'm not going to spoil this already "great" review on some geographical knowledge of a Canadian whiskey that you all don't give a jack shit about (well maybe some of you do). Let's just get this over with shall we...

Someone once told me that Tangle Ridge is like candy, "whoa-man, thats really fucked up!" I thought to myself while smiling as polite as I can. I guess thats the way I've always thought of hard liquor, what will this little gem tell me tonight? The smell made me want to throw up. Oh how sad and unmanly I am! I know... ouch. I did do the bold thing and drink it straight without any mix or chaser, cause I'm a real man. Once I got back from dry gagging in the bathroom I was ready to partake of this bad ass drink. I partook and almost threw up, but successfully swallowed it. A few more sips and I could handle it, and hey, I see where they can get that "candy" reference from. Sadly though, this Friday I do miss my beer...

This whiskey gets 2 whiskey barrels out of 5

oh playas be playing wit dat playskool

Happy Monday