Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Lesson in Futility

A quick and sad attempt on what is simply glorious singletrack conditions. I thought the rains would have rendered the trails useless (turns out it was me) but they were tacky and quite simply.... Wonderful!

Not riding consistently has wreaked havoc on this young season. A trip to the mountains for this weekend which inevitably was cancelled for other reasons made me a little relieved. Tonight I had nothing and realized the only place to go is up. Tomorrow night I hear the trails calling me back. I'd better show or maybe it's time to sell off a Mojo...

a short 20 minutes in, oh the humanity!

Ride Ends on Free Sign Day

Terribly sorry, had a good write up for this one but Blogger is sucking. This could be the end of this blog as my old mac does not bode well...