Friday, July 20, 2012

No Beer, Just a Ride

Yep, time to turn in the beer review keys for a weekend as a much needed bike ride was in order after an incredibly gay week of work. Riding from Mill Creek with plans to hit the Fort Edmonton bridge didn't come to pass as my gas tank would not let me get into Hawerlak. A smart turn around and rubber legs once back in Mill Creek affirmed a good decision.

Being told to slow down in a very rude manner by an old bitc... I mean, lady, In Mill Creek where  I believe I wasn't even going that fast which made me wonder how she would deal with somebody flying down the trails. Don't these people know you are taking risks by bringing your animals down there? When I bring my dogs to the valley I am well aware of the consequences that may happen. Well, because shit happens down in those areas.  If your that afraid of your dogs getting hurt simply don't bring them to a ravine where there are other dogs, coyotes, mountain bikers, kids with bee bee guns, old men with laser pointers, angry cats, hipsters, happy cats, booby traps, cats out for revenge, used needles, and angry loners reside.... Come on old grumpy lady! Think!

the ubiquitous lonebiker "departing singletrack shot"
shitty gloves... good bye 

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

 Well here we are bringing back beer Friday after a few absent weeks.  Or so I think..  I feel like it's been a month or so but who know...