Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beer Friday. Mac 1 Me 0

I tried and tried to upload the simple pictures but this computer would not recognize the format for some reason. After an hour of pissing around I am still unsuccessful, after a very frustrating evening that should have been oh-so- joyous with the unexpected purchase of a new camera. Rest in peace lonebiker camera #1.  The new camera is great other than one major function missing which is imperative for the self timed shots that I use on here. Oddly I upgraded to a camera that is more than twice the camera of the first one and it is missing that one function, how strange? I realized that problem tonight out on a photo shoot when shortly after everything fell apart on me just to push me further into madness. Jeep problems, tripod problems, and now the computer is being a giant bitch.... Ya that's right, I called you a bitch! Whaddya gonna do huh? I think the computer just erased a bunch of pictures... OK, you win!

I'm really hoping that 2013 will be a happy joyous year. With dramatic happenings at work enrapturing my tiny little brain, it is keeping me off my bike, and away from my relief...

The beer I was going to review is now long gone but was oh-so-tasty! I will pick up another and try this little episode again at a later date, in the meantime enjoy some kitties. Cute little kitty pictures will calm me down, yes they will...

Happy Monday

  Fuck ya Freddie..