Friday, November 2, 2012

Beer Friday. Bayern Dump Truck

A beer Friday appearing on an actual Friday may be a strange thing these days. You know what Brothers and sisters? It's been a pretty strange year. Quite simply put: A horrible end to the dry biking season and a slow start to the Winter riding season... Yet, they always start slow don't they? Will it start though? That seems to be the question running through my confused head.

Bayern brewery which fancies itself a "German microbrewery" in the rockies located in Missoula, Montana. Aww, how cute! They want to be like zee Germans. What exactly do the Germans know about making beer now? Yes, send me an email when you figure it out. I for one am a tad stumped! Germans and beer? Really?

The brewery was born in 1987 and the owners are in fact German, so just go ahead and ignore that last paragraph. The brewery does Montana a fine service and pumps out fine microbrews out in the great mountains of Montana. Dump Truck lager is a beer specially made for the Summer months. Day's now that are quickly leaving us behind as Winter approaches. This is a beer that sat in the beer Friday waiting room all Summer waiting to be picked.

The pour was rewarded with a nice gold coloured beer topped off with a one and a half fingered head that hung around long enough for the shoot. A good scent of yeast and hops made this an appealing lager that would make any good beer drinker do a dance of joy. The first taste put me off a bit and I was a bit upset with this beer, I sat back and had another and realized the first taste was an enigma. This was good stuff. Damn good stuff. Great earthy hops adorn a full bodied rich lager that can easily be replaced by another. Sadly, I only had one. This may be hard to get for our Edmonton area brethren but if you see it. Get it...

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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