Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Winter Happened...

The last real rides I have been on were back in August. Yes I had a few in between but they do not count as I was trying to "recover" and get back into shape. I missed the entire Fall, and the night riding that comes with it so today getting out in the snow and ice was a tad depressing. It felt great to be out but I could only think of the missed experiences I had and Heavens knows there were probably tons.

So onto Winter riding, only to be greeted by complete numbskulls out on the trails who obviously have no idea that people ride year round. The highlight was coming up to a group of photographers who saw me coming, said some things to each other and stared at me much like a fourteen year old boy would stare at his first Playboy. Yes, it was creepy. I quickly rode up to them and they had no idea what to do. I kindly asked to get by and they eventually moved slowly out of the way. Oh Joy! My first foray into a Winter River Valley on my bike and it started already...

it's time to get used to seeing this

Happy Monday

  Fuck ya Freddie..