Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost Alone in the Frigid Valley

* smart phones aren't so "smart" when it comes to taking good pictures
Having to get out for a ride was a necessity tonight. Like a politician having to kiss babies during the campaign this had to happen. Regardless of the weather, regardless of the crappy diet today, regardless of other Christmas obligations. I had an open chance of riding and I took it. I took it and am now satisfied.

It obviously wasn't a big ride, a startup at the usual Mill Creek point with a run to the river and back, given the weather conditions and my overall extremely poor fitness it was a good distance.

There is something special for me about being alone in the valley on a night like this. It could be the inner serial killer hiding deep inside, or the raging narcissism, but no chance of seeing anybody in the valley makes me quite happy. There truly is something special about being in the valley alone while the masses are out for dinner and at Christmas parties or hiding in their family rooms. Sometimes it takes extremely bad weather to make that gift happen, but it's awesome. As I entered the pool area of Mill Creek coming back I realized I wasn't really alone as a lone walker appeared through the shadows and he glared at me like I was the devil. I think he wanted to have the valley to himself as well and I ruined his moment. I passed by him and nodded cause we had something in common (or so I thought). As I got out of sight from him we were alone again, and all was good.

*a potty break in a well lit parking lot with no worries
* a note on the shitty pictures, they were taken with a phone as I realized on the trail someone took the card out of the camera and didn't bother to say anything resulting in utter Blackberry ugliness.

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