Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing Hookey

Playing hookey from work and going for a ride? My, what a grand idea! Actually this was the last of a few days off and I finally got out for a ride after a day spent at the Waterpark turned my legs into cabbage.

This ride started by the Queen and I crossed the river and quickly noticed my legs were still quite worn out. I also noticed a steady stream of people on the trails. Where did they all come from? They did not look like they were together and were proud to give out the "WTF" eyes to the guy riding a bike. It makes me happy to have people think I am crazy, yet still wonder how these people get by obviously never seeing bikes in the Winter. It isn't that uncommon now is it?

Global Fat Bike Day?

I'm sorry but there is no snow so I am not recognizing Global fat Bike Day as this is extremely unusual so I was out on my gravel bike w...