Friday, May 17, 2013

Beer Friday. Greens, Dubbel Dark Ale

We return for the fine pleasure of reviewing beers. With the fine pleasure of reviewing beers comes donated beers which seem to increase in the Summer months. A problem that I have no issue with ever going away.

Greens all natural gluten free beer derives from Belgium at the much highly respected DeProef brewery. Gluten free beers are highly favoured by vegetarians and vegans which goes very well with bragging to everybody that your vegan. You will look that much cooler if you tell them you drink gluten free beer as well. Gluten free beer is perfect for people who have a gluten intolerance as it simply means they can still drink beer... Yeaaaahhh. Hooray for gluten free beers!

I poured with much trepidation as I reviewed a gluten free beer in the past and from what I remember I wasn't doing cartwheels once it was done. What amazed me about this pour (have you ever noticed how every pour just fascinates me beyond all measures?) was the incredibly large head that seemed to stick around forever. The head was a golden colour that sat very proudly on a dark angry looking beer. The first sip was a relief as this was quite good, in fact the taste buds were singing praises to my little head that was in awe of what was being experienced. Shall I say baked apples, and caramel with a light carbonation taste? Yes, I'd go with that. After more sips it did seem to be a tad watered down. Was that my taste buds playing tricks on me? No. It isn't. Thats just the sad truth.

In the end though, this beer still comes out a winner. 3.5 suds out of 5

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