Saturday, May 11, 2013

Marvelous Bike, Marvelous Trail

Returning home late this afternoon after catching up with the kidlets all thanks to work meetings, which kept me away from my bikes *Gasp! And of course my family for a night. I could not stop looking at the sexiness that was oozing out of my den. No my browser wasn't open to anything inappropriate. I was simply talking about the brand new ride that made its home next to the hardtail.

Fort Saskatchewan was the destination and the night could not have been any better. Mountain biking is quite simply the greatest thing one can do. Is there any other activity that can take you out in the remote bush quietly and within a matter of minutes be secluded in nature euphoria? Fish were jumping in the river, pelicans swam and flew nearby, and several flocks of geese flew over honking and nattering to each other. It was a definite moment I was happy not to be stuck in somebodies back yard barbecue, I was out riding, I was living. Something the majority of people who do not ride (and some who do) will never understand. Riding bikes is good for the soul.

The ride featured tons of different animals who decided to come out and show themselves to my new bike. Jumping fish, Pelicans, Geese, Beavers (close by yet) and a Fox who was probably intrigued by my suspension that I chased down the trail for over a hundred yards till he sauntered off. Oh, did I forget? Bugs, lots of bugs that I ingested as I whipped this snappy bike down the tight flowy singletrack... Yes the bike seems to be performing quite well and I think I might just keep it!

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