Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greasy Edmonton

On yet another wet day I stormed out of the house relatively early for a Sunday morning with the purpose of spinning some pedals. The plan was to stay on the paved sections so I did the natural thing and ended up in town. The seedy parts of Edmonton was unusually seedy this morning as the riff raff seemed to be out in droves. The thought of getting taken down for my bike or pack was running through my head as I approached a group of people on a paved trail alongside the LRT tracks. They waved and gave me a giant smile and asked how my day was as I flew by, and I felt like a judgemental prick. Or was I just being wise and preparing myself for a potential confrontation? I tend to think the latter. This is Edmonton after all.

The city took me through Beverly and I ended back in the valley in Rundle for my return trip back to Capilano park. A rather somber return knowing this will not be a good week for the bikes. Road trip's look like they are on the bill for this week forcing my bikes to stay in the den.

people gambling at 10:30 in the morning on a sunday...
and neither does this cyclist! I made three citizens arrest's on this ride

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