Friday, June 21, 2013

The Summer Solstice Ride That Wasn't

The plan: Ride from the Science Park to Hawerlak with a return on crossing every bridge I come across whether I am happy with the idea or pissed off. In the end it would have been a decent ride.

What really happened: I missed the turn to hit the highway to the Science park, I could have simply turned around but was late getting out the door (problem #1) so I drove on down the road and started at Capilano instead.

The ride began with a decent pace, eventually passed the Roland trail head and admired the slippery goo that was trail as I passed by which made me wonder at what point does one finally say "Fuck this" and ride the unrideable singletrack? I had a potty break and wondered if I would truly be an evil person if I did such a thing. The angel on my shoulder won the argument and I stuck to the multi use and paved. Where quickly a problem that has been persistent as of late and every year at this time for that matter. A very bad case of wobbly leg syndrome had overtaken my shattered biking soul and I could not even keep it going on the flats. I can only think this is a humidity thing as whenever the humidity is relatively high this happens. That is what ended the ride and I was back home for an afternoon nap on a day I booked off for some kickass bike riding. Sad... Simply sad.

these trails may be under water soon, happy happy joy joy joy
plenty of protein falling from the trees as of late

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