Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An Epic Backyard Crutching Adventure

a summer 2013 trailhead

With the extreme lack of ride reports going on I thought it would be best to get something out there. I had enough of being glued to the television watching Tour De France and NFL network repeats whilst sitting on my ass examining my waist, hips, and ass get larger and larger like they were some sort of monster that is alive.

Thus the backyard was the calling for the evening. "Well this will certainly help me work on my glutes!" I exclaimed excitedly as I exited the side door to my back yard on a fine looking summer evening. The back step, complete with aggregate stone to start. Perhaps the most dangerous part of the journey was handled with ease. I truly have become a true one legged crutch walking champion in the last two weeks.

potty break on the neighbours fence
making it to the north west fence corner! Sweet!
I'm pretty sure they were laughing at me

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