Friday, September 13, 2013

Go West Young Man

Post broken ankle ride two today and still discomfort in my foot. If I was riding all season this foot pain would definitely make me stop riding and incessantly bitch about it on this here blog. Instead I rode with a smile so wide I'm sure the North Saskatchewan river would fit my mouth. A stellar morning out there today as Summer seems to want to hold on for a bit longer. I smelled pot for the first time enticing me to want to go hug the potheads carelessly smoking away in the trees on such an awesome day. I literally missed every aspect of the river valley. With the exception of off road trail runners of course!

 The climbs are taken with great ease as foot pain seems to make it kind of a bummer. Using most of the muscle in my good leg while in granny gear I made it up. Slowly, but I made it. I find the steeper the grade the more painful the feeling is so I try to choose my climbs with some wit. As todays map shows I made it through Hawerlak from the north side of the river where I rode dirt for the first time in ten weeks. No singletrack yet, just multi use of course...

my first foray onto dirt, probably not a smart idea but it had to be done to get across the river
when riding with a bum leg, these simple logs become a nightmare. I know I will lose sleep over this picture tonight

On an ending note, beer will not be reviewed this weekend...

Happy Monday