Friday, October 4, 2013

Terwillegar... I Surrender

The screen grabs of these two Terwillegar posts this year have one very big thing in common. A broken ankle and no riding for an infinite period of time was the end result of the ride. A trip to the Doctor today told me my ankle is now back to square one. A month from today and more X-rays will come telling me to probably stay away from bikes for longer. So yes. My ankle is broken again. I would say I'm done for this calendar year if I want to be good for two-fourteen.  I will treat it like a baby till then. So I will go back on long picture taking excursions and probably post up whatever I could muster.

Expect no ride reports, and if I do please have the decency to find where I live and kick some lonebiker ass. I should not be riding. I know the rides I had were not attributed to this but it's hard to say what really happened. There is no significant moment of re-injuring it in the last month. I blame Terwillegar. It's all Terwillegar's fault.

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