Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Second Last "looking Back" Episode

As we continue on this cheesy looking back journey we are starting to get into the nitty gritty. The top five rides in the last four years. Some may find it strange that I have tabulated these bike rides, rated them and put them on here. I've always had a strange habit of rating things, back in the days of compact discs I had quite the collection and I used to have my top five c.d's prominently displayed in the living room of my apartment that I would change weekly. I would proudly show girls, and tell them about my system of rating c.d's who came over and would wonder why they never called back after. Now I have iTunes to do it for me, those bastards.

RIDING. MILL CREEK-GRETZKY BRIDGE <  A simply stellar after work ride where everything flowed perfectly. A trip into Rolling Below Rowland trail highlighted this one and I remember the next couple days at work I was jacked from the feeling this ride gave me. Plus, just for the lucky ladies. This one has a nice shot of my big fat ass... Oh ya!

RIDING. OLD FORT POINT-WABASSO & BEYOND < A mountain trip on a trail ridden many times only with a twist. Go further.. And further we plugged on. The trail past the loop on the way to Wabasso was right out of a Bike magazine photo shoot. Teamed up with Jason on this one where we had a bear encounter and talked to a couple proud Canadians (who thought they saw another bear) drinking Tim Hortons coffee in the woods. I still think of that one and smile.

RIDING. BACKWARDS DAY. SSP-MILL CREEK... WHAT! < One of the first rides posted on here and was completely influenced by the blog. I drove out to the trail head and thought people are not going to want to read about my typical Mill Creek - (Insert destination here) bike rides all the time. This one was alot of fun to do and it's good to see I am not using too many periods...................... To delay a point anymore. Plus my punctuation doesn't look so... Well anyways    . This ride was awesome, the cool Fall weather and unusual trail route added up to one of the best rides in a long time.

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