Thursday, November 7, 2013

Welcome Winter, Let's Hold Up on the Reviews

That's right. No beer will be reviewed this weekend. I just finished a good run of Fall beer spectacular goodness so you should be happy. So what then.....? I see you slumped in your chair with a big pouty lip, upset and angry. It's probably only one weekend. Albeit a long one. Just stop pouting, you look pathetic!

What can you expect? Good news (I'm keeping this very low key as not to jinx it) the riding can slowly start again. Physio started and I have the go ahead to ride. I'm just waiting a couple more weeks till I get stronger with this screwed up ankle. Plus I have some sort of virus and can't taste, hence no beer review.

Expect some photo dumps and possibly some more girly pictures like the above as that is a terrific way to increase readership.

Have a good one, maybe will see you this weekend sometime...

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