Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Riding. Queen - Gretzky

Ride two in a now post apocalyptic ankle broken world. Yes I take this ankle thing that serious.

A slow laborious ride from the Queen to the Capilano bridge spanning both sides of the river where I did something I thought I would never do. Got off the bike and walked up a steep section of hill on the trail up to Forest Heights. A rather sad thing to think of as I never thought I would be one to walk my bike up a hill. Front derailleur issues and I don't want to say it... Foot pain... I said it, with hard pedalling made the decision for me. That, and I have the fitness level of a dead sloth at the moment.

The valley was incredible this afternoon and the feeling of coming back is pretty good. With a very light snowfall, epic moments were had while cruising through the trees. For the most part the main trails are all plowed if you are thinking of venturing out. It's pretty sexy out there right now.

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