Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome Back December, Welcome Back Riding

With nowhere near the flair that was all about my few rides in September when healing #1 took place, I returned to the bike on a foggy evening with warnings of impending snowfall. Funny thing. It was the over paranoid Facebook posters who motivated me to get out and ride tonight. I planned on riding this morning but tire problems kept me at bay and I threw in the towel. Once I saw the regular "Everyone, do not go out anywhere! There is a massive storm coming!" post on Facebook from a few of my "friends" who post bullshit hourly, I politely said under my breath "fuck these people are idiots" and packed up for a ride. The first ride in over two months. Thanks for the motivation Mark Zuckerberg.

This ride was what it was. It was great being out there in the fog (and no snow) but I had a hard time keeping a slow momentum going. My lungs screamed the whole time as well as my legs. It was a simple ride from the Queen to Dudley B. and back. The ankle was fine all thanks to a brace that was purchased and will be worn probably for the whole two-fourteen year. Hmmm... Maybe I should have worn that in September.

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