Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's Asspuckering Season

 If you can spot me in the above picture you win an all expensed paid trip to Beaumont, Alberta. Home of Lonebiker headquarters where you will get a tour of home base. Described by one lucky tour winner in 1998 "This is where the magic happens, holy shit! I can die now!" And die he did. He was killed by a falling chunk of frozen lavatory waste from a landing Air Canada Airbus 320 at the International (We get alot of air traffic over Beaumont). See the ride planning control headquarters! See the beer review labs! See the extensive network of computers that keep this blog running!

Anyways, have I filled up enough space with letters yet? A very rare after work ride through a very rare appearance to Mill creek ravine and the ride was truly glorious. easily the best of this young year so far. The ice conditions are rather brutal and from what I could see there is no escaping it. Mill Creek multi use was slick and from there I ended up crossing Dawson bridge and climbed up only to encounter waves of ice that took me down. When I say waves that is what it was. It would be no problem if it was flat but I didn't stand a chance. I was on my hands and knees trying to find stability looking I'm sure quite pathetic. Did I care as those three lady joggers approached and asked if I was ok? Yes. It was a bad moment only saved from an incredible night in the nasty ice ridden river valley.
another year, another unexplained fence blocking trails in mill creek, that sign on the fence was not an explanation, sigh...

Beer Friday (yes we know its saturday) Stanley Park Brewing, TrailHopper IPA

This post is brought to you by Google Chrome!  Well here we are and as promised a beer review happened after a miserably failed ride attempt...