Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ride One For January

A ride kept short thanks to the non stop rain which soaked right through. A quick one in the Strathcona Science Park area where the highlight was chasing a coyote twice as he was scavenging on something and did not want to give it up. I would have went for the camera but all the falling rain kept the camera secure in my camelback, yet I went for a photo shoot later...

The other highlight was my first fatbike sighting eventually came... Finally, he passed me as I struggled across the Rundle to Science Park bridge which does not get cleared. This was to me a defining moment in all the fatbike lore. The effort he was putting in to float across the snow as he passed by had me agasp at what I was seeing!  Again I would have stopped him and gone for the camera to prove to everyone I actually saw a fatbike, but you know... Rain. That moment might just have me out shopping for next Winter season.

Happy Monday