Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Ice Cometh

With incredibly warm weather and a switch back to cold overnight I knew it would be rough down there. The studded tires were put through their paces on a figure 8 ride from Capilano to Rundle, back to Capilano, and west to the Gretzky bridge where a crossing happened and I returned back to Capilano. Ass puckering, and lots of silent prayers took place as waves of rolling ice did it's best to take me out, it was like an instant freeze happened and everything stood in place in an instant which made for very careful maneuvering at times.

This will be this way for some time now, the best thing to have happen would be a large dump of snow and the temperatures remain low until Spring. I was rolling my eyes while typing that thinking of the chances of it even happening.

If you head out, be careful. It's pretty treacherous out there!

for the most part, it's flat ice
there are lots of sections like this where everything is frozen solid, oh joy!

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