Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Today Was Not a Good Day

when reading the homeowner manual it says water
 isn't supposed to extrude from this device

With a ride for this evening planned with a fine young fellow. A fellow whom I have cancelled rides on regularly in the last couple months since the pedals slowly started spinning again, I vowed tonight would be the night. Packed and ready to go for the morning I noticed an odd anomaly from the morning routine. My feet were suddenly soaked as I entered the foyer to grab the keys and pack the Jeep with bike stuff to have it sit and stare at me while I worked knowing it will be put to use at the end of the day. Still in somewhat of a sleep state as Garner Andrews rambled on in my morning podcast I tried to piece together the strange puzzle. "Oh Shit! Beaumont's flooding!" I exclaimed in my head quickly realising the foolishness of my brain after looking up I saw my front light had turned into a sprinkler overnight. A quick trip to the basement and a flip of the breaker switch I was off to work. "Well, that should sort itself out by the time I get home from my bike ride" I happily thought.

Once at work and more awake I thought me showing up at work was incredibly silly. My house was slowly flooding from our front light (I did put a bucket down, I'm not that dense in the morning). So a few websites were looked up and tonight's ride was cancelled. I was off to Home Depot.

I'll admit. I was excited about solving this problem without any help (other than Mrs Lonebiker of course). A rather large ice dam had built up in our eavestrough and I hammered away and cleared the ice and snow and searched for a point of entry for all the water. An incredibly awkward trip into the attic to find no point of entry had me perplexed. After an exhaustive search the problem was hopefully spotted and emergency roof repair was put to action. The event was almost over and my pants were put into a sink where my precious work phone was soaked for a good twenty minutes before I realized what happened. The phone is now in a bag of rice and will be for a few more days. The doctors are doubtful it will survive as it was almost twice the weight it should be thanks to being so waterlogged.

This event has screwed up rides for later this week as well as I will be in the attic after work investigating. The leak seems to have stopped, but I wonder for how long? This warm weather is sure to blame for this one. Why does the weather have to be so screwy here?

This video helped cheer me up, in fact it strangely inspired the long rant (sorry about that... Really I am).

Yukon, Canada, mountain bike tour from H&I Adventures on Vimeo.

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