Friday, March 28, 2014

Lets Skip Work And Ride Another Friday

 Another Friday off you say? "Shiver me timbers how does the lonebiker make any money?" You say probably clutching your phone ready to call and make a cash donation so the lonebiker can feed his family! Well don't you worry boys and girls. Everything is fine, or so I think... My wife has different ideas about our money situation.

Nevertheless, I took off from Henrietta Louise Park and crossed the river and never looked back at the south for the whole ride. Today I gave the South side of the river the finger as I rode on all smug and bumptious like I just graduated from Penn State college with an Arts degree.

Mackinnon ravine was the main course but I exited up to the Government house area once I caught wind of the great scent of Alexander circle. My move in area once I strike it rich from blogging.

Oddly I never hit Alexander circle but went a different route and ended up in Edmonton's main street. Jasper Avenue, where some good old fashioned Edmonton Transit dodging incurred. A drop in back to the valley and home. The bike despite it's other shortcomings performed flawlessly with it's formerly Moot's bottom bracket which is taking on the new challenge of "Winter/ Spring/ Shitbike. Poor Moot's XTR Bottom Bracket...
a litany of reasons not to take the studded tires off yet, yikes! I could have broken a femur or worse, an ankle...

Happy Tuesday