Saturday, April 12, 2014

Here We Go Again...

On the cusp of a great looking bike season a rather big event happened which could completely affect the riding season. I really will not know until May what is happening as this is a very big career event going on. So on that note I ask: If I opened up the advertising on here would all you kind readers click on the links so I could earn a nice cushy seven figure income... That's right, I said seven. My expectations are high but I can take this here blog in a whole new direction with that kind of income.

The well deserved ride this morning was quite good. After a very stressful week I took it out on the poor Winter beater. The ride was short but incredibly good and I wished in the end I went a lot farther. From the looks of it quite a bit of trails may be ready but in my weird state of mind I stayed mostly on the paved. This morning's ride was no mile burner but it felt pretty damn good in the end.

The rest of this month should hopefully have a few good ride reports from the valley. Once May comes however, there will be a giant question mark on the future, although I feel like I'll be o.k.

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