Saturday, May 31, 2014

Beer Friday. Lazy Mutt Shandy

As Summer seems to grab a hold of us, shining it's deadly UV rays directly into our precious epidermis causing those unsightly wrinkles and skin cancer I can only think of one thing that would make it all better. A bike ride and some Summer beer. Well unfortunately the bike ride didn't happen today so I picked up a beer to cry into as I think back on a Saturday where fat tires never rolled. Nevertheless, this Saturday was still tops in my books despite not having a chance to get out and ride, although hearing through sources that the trails are in superb condition despite the monsoon rain we have had. Oh dear, here comes the tears. Now wheres that beer?

We have done Lazy Mutt's history before so I don't want to bore you with the that. They are in Calgary though so a salute to our white collared neighbours down south. This beer is a seasonal one all ready for the Summer months with a lemon flavour which is perfect because they combined the two great Summer drinks. Beer and Lemonade. Genius, absolute genius. Although I am a bit leery to tip into this one as I am not a huge lover of lemon guy.

The pour was performed well by our new headmaster pourer, Elisabeth who did not spill one drop and left the beer with a strong one fingernail head that stood proud like the Romans after they conquered the Italian Peninsula so quickly. The smell was that of slightly gingered lemon which had me worried even more. You see folks as a world class professional beer taster I do have my own tastes and preferences and want to keep everything fair, it's just... I don't enjoy the sour taste of lemon. I did try and keep an open mind and drank this and oddly enough it tasted like.... Lemon!

This one does scream at you when you are outside grilling on a nice evening. For lemon lovers this would be an epic night on the barbecue.

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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